HM Cash | Products & Services
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  • Armoured Car Services

  • Safe and secure in-house cash services


    Our fleet of armoured vehicles is staffed with fully licensed and specially trained armed guards who excel in providing safe and secure cash management/replenishment services to a diverse portfolio of customers including financial institutions, retail, healthcare, education and other sectors. Our bonded carriers can manage virtually any make and model of ATM on the market including those in banks, credit unions and those of other ATM providers.

  • ATM Products

  • The best equipment. The best network. Your best investment.


    HM Cash Inc. is committed to maintaining the highest standards in the industry. When it comes to ATM hardware and related services, HM Cash Inc. only works with the best. Our ATMs are provided by the industry leader in the manufacture of reliable, affordable, state-of-the-art ATMs. HM Cash Inc. ATMs enjoy the least amount of downtime of any ATMs on the market, and their sleek, modular design makes them flexible enough to fit into almost any space.

  • ATM Services

  • Maximum uptime. Maximized profit potential. High consumer satisfaction.


    HM Cash Inc. is a full service ATM company, offering end-to-end services from installation and monitoring to armoured car services and technical support. We deliver customized, cost effective ATM and cash management solutions, ensure maximum uptime on your ATM(s) and maximize your profit potential. Consumers accessing your branded ATMs will enjoy worry-free access to cash services when and where they need them while you enjoy the revenue-generating opportunities ATMs deliver.

  • Cash Replenishment

  • Proactive cash replenishment in real time


    HM Cash Inc. proactively ensures that your ATM is always stocked and ready to serve consumers. We track real-time cash levels at all customer ATMs using the TNS Smart Network’s WEBMON™, a web-based monitoring and management tool. When cash levels are low, HM Cash Inc. replenishes them before they deplete.

  • Fraud Awareness

  • Taking action to prevent fraud.


    Safety and security are always top-of-mind at HM Cash Inc. and we take every step possible to ensure the integrity of the ATMs we install and/or manage and secure the cash we replenish them with.


    During maintenance and cash replenishment cycles, HM Cash Inc. armoured guards and technicians are trained to look for any suspicious activity around your ATM(s) including pin hole cameras, changes to the physical surroundings, or alterations to the fascia. These could all be indicators of card skimming or debit card fraud.

  • ATM Online Monitoring

  • Real-time monitoring from anywhere in the world.


    All HM Cash Inc. installed ATMs are monitored by our staff in real time 24/7, 365 days a year using WEBMON™, the TNS Smart Network’s web-based monitoring and management tool. By managing cash positions and other supplies, HM Cash Inc. ensures maximum uptime for your ATM while providing the reports, graphs and statistical analysis to maximize your profits and maintain consumer satisfaction.