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HM Cash Inc. understands that banks and credit unions have specialized needs when it comes to ATM and/or cash management services. We can build a customized ATM and/or cash management solution that will help you to meet or exceed your business goals. HM Cash Inc. is the only ATM company in Ontario with its own fleet of armoured vehicles staffed with fully licensed and specially trained armed guards who perform cash, transit and delivery services, as well as real-time technical ATM maintenance.

ATM Management

Whether you require management of your existing ATMs or are looking to install branded ATMs in new locations, we have the right solution to meet your needs. Our staff is equipped to manage virtually any make and model of ATM on the market including those in banks, credit unions and those of other ATM providers.

  • Fast, safe and reliable IP or wireless transaction processing
  • Cash management/replenishment
  • 24/7 real-time monitoring and pager notification
  • 24/7 customer service hotline
  • ATM first and second line maintenance
  • Customized POS solutions/marketing support
  • Fraud awareness/prevention
  • Monthly customer reports (daily transaction volume, revenue generated)

Cash Management & Replenishment

HM Cash Inc. ensures your ATMs are always stocked and ready to serve consumers.


  • 24/7 online monitoring of real-time cash levels
  • Daily ATM balancing report to manage cash replenishment
  • Minimum weekly cash replenishment based on cash flow and consumption history
  • Emergency cash parcel replenishment
  • Vault cash and accounting
  • Flexible cash in transit solutions
  • Securities delivery

Fraud Awareness

During maintenance and cash replenishment cycles, our armoured guards and technicians are trained to look for any suspicious activity around your ATMs, including pin hole cameras, changes to the physical surroundings, or alterations to the fascia, all indicators of card skimming or debit card fraud.


  • Only use cash provided by HM Cash Inc.’s corporate banker
  • Use counterfeit technology and physical and visual inspection of bills
  • Use only PCI-EMV compliant equipment (increase data card security, minimize potential for fraud)